A Follow Up From a Year Ago

About this time last year, I posted these links which featured a terrific montage of films from ’09 and a highly amusing Twitter list called the Home Alone Twitter Project. So it seems appropriate to follow those up with these:

First of all, the Home Alone Twitter crew is back for the sequel. Check it out here. If you’re not familiar with it, here’s how it works. Twitter accounts were made for every single character in the films and every moment of them is “reenacted” by each character posting their individual lines from the film. Every line; every character; in real time. So if Kevin McCallister said something around 10:00 on Christmas Eve in the movie, that’s when the line would be tweeted. Pretty impressive stuff, if you ask me.

And of course, here is Kees van Dijkhuizen’s follow up montage, Cinema 2010. There are plenty of similar videos out there nowadays, but he goes the extra mile because he strives to include clips from every single film released this year. And I had a hard enough time making a montage of 52 Babes.

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