Hunk of the Week #33 Rider Strong

Let’s take a little trip in the time machine back to the 90’s when TV was good and life was simple. There was a little show where a boy met the world.

Boy Meets World had everything a good show needs: jokes, the cute but empty headed older brother, the wise teacher, cool parents, and loads of hi jinks. You never knew what craziness the boys would get into but you could be sure that Cory could count on his best friend Shawn.

Shawn Hunter was middle school; So Rider Strong is our Retro Hunk of the Week .

Rider Strong played the part of Shawn Hunter from 1993-2000. He went on to star in movies like The Penthouse and Paradise,Texas,  and appear in TV shows like Castle, Bones and 100 Questions.

So, I hope you enjoyed our quick trip down memory lane with the hottie of the 90’s Shawn Hunter aka Rider Strong. Gotta love that name, right? Rider Strong: Hunk of the Week #33.


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