Project 4 Awesome

Hey guys. As the Youtube lady i thought i would inform you, very briefly, about the huge Project 4 Awesome program.

The Project 4 Awesome is headed by the Vlogbrothers each year and people all over youtube create videos about their favorite charities to raise both money and awareness for some pretty worthwhile causes.  Technically the time for making videos is over but you can still help. Go over to Youtube and watch, like, favorite, and comment all the great Project for Awesome videos and give to the charities if you can and sign up for one of the raffles. OK, it’s Christmas, I get it, we’re all strapped for cash trying to get presents for all our friends and families but think of the people whose Christmas could be much merrier and much brighter if you gave just a little to even one of the great charities.

Like I said, it’s not to late!  Go to to learn more about this great project, give to the organizations, and participate in the raffles or check out to watch some of the videos and like, favorite, and comment them like crazy so that more people can know about this.

Sorry this is so late- i’ll do better next year.



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