Ten Things I learned from Inception

We haven’t done a ten things post in a bit so i’m bring it back. This time we’re discussing the mega hit of the summer- Inception.

Inception is a wonderful, smart, complex, visually stunning movie with brilliant characters, a hard to follow but love to try plot, and more special effect explosions sequences than you can shake a stick at. Rent it, download it, buy it, just watch it!

10 Things I learned from Inception

1.  watch the spinning top, it’s more important than you might think.

2. Always check your totem! PS don’t let anyone touch it.

3. Sometimes you have to dream a little bigger darling.

4. No one likes to feel like someone is messing with their mind.

5. If you need to pee your dreams will be rainy, always use the bathroom first.

6. In a dream time moves much more slowly and in dreams within dreams that effect gets compounded.  5 minutes in the waking word could be hours, months, years, or forever in a dream.

7. Kissing won’t stop the projections from converging on you but who cares, kissing is never really a bad thing to try.

8. Are you really awake right now or could your reality just be a dream?

9. You have to kill yourself! Seriously!

10.  It’s really wrong but so funny to wake someone up by kicking their chair out from under them.

You have to see this movie – twice or more to understand all the clues, all the intricate plots pieces, all the complex ideas but even if you don’t get it, it’s worth the watch just for the splosions!

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