Hunk of the Week 31 Phillip Van Dyke

Hey, here at the daily blowhole we are some die hard Disney fans. We love the old shows, the feel of those good old songs, and of course their made for tv movies. This week pillar of hunky goodness is from one such movie, one of my favorites, Halloweentown Now for those familiar with the series you might think that the obvious choice for hunk would be Kal- played by Daniel Kountz or Ethan Dalloway played by Lucas Grabeel And both of those guys are pretty good looking and let’s face it- if Lucas didn’t play such a…feminine role  in High School Musical he might not be as over looked as a hunky guy. But to name one of these great guys this week’s hunk would be overlooking a guy that is definitely more worthy of this weeks title of hunk of the universe supreme.

He spent most of his screen time in the movie in makeup to make him look like a “creature” but Phillip Van Dyke still took my breath away whenever he came on screen.

Phillip Van Dyke is not only responcible for the lovable character Luke but also the voice of an old Nick favorite Hey Arnold

So there you have it- Hunk of the week 31 Phillip Van Dyke


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