Blowhole Hunk of The Week #30: James McAvoy



We’ve reached our 30th Hunk here on the site, and admittedly I wasn’t sure we would ever see this day especially with my shitastic internet connection, but I digress..

For our 30th Hunk of the week I give you James McAvoy! The superbly skilled, sexily fair freckled, wondrously witty Scotsman–Hows that for  a mouthful eh?  He really is talented and you’ve seen him before, if not on screen then at the very least in a preview.

Where you’ve seen him: Shameless (TV series), The Chronicles of Narnia; The Lion Witch and The Wardrobe, The last King of Scotland, Penelope, Atonement, Wanted.

Where You can see him next: The Conspirator, Gnomeo and Juliet


This is an old interview, but Craig Ferg always seems to Bring out the funny in his Scottish Guests. Click the link to see it.



2 Responses to Blowhole Hunk of The Week #30: James McAvoy

  1. TheeWriter says:

    Oh My Actual God, I absolutely love him!!! Mr Tumnus! Great choice. I don’t know why we haven’t thought of him before:)

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by JamesMcAvoyMessBoard, DailyBlowHole. DailyBlowHole said: Blowhole Hunk of The Week #30: James McAvoy: […]

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