Daniel Radcliffe: “I Am Harry Potter”

This video was too good not to post. From the folks at FunnyOrDie.com, Daniel Radcliffe is interviewed by Judd Apatow and reveals that he truly is Harry Potter. I don’t know how to embed their videos, so click here to check out the hilarity which ensues.



2 Responses to Daniel Radcliffe: “I Am Harry Potter”

  1. Nicole says:

    This is pretty Funny! He needs to do more comedies.

  2. TheeWriter says:

    Wow this raises a really interesting question…why do people always see the actor and call them the character and at what point do the two blur in the mind of the actor? After playing the same character so long a mental unstable actor could literally start to lose their identity. I love when he asks him what Harry does now that he’s defeated everyone and he say “I tell women i’m Harry Potter and see where that get me.”LOL classic.

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