Let’s Hear it For the Birds

On Thanksgiving I sometimes feel a little guilty for eating the turkey, being quite fond of animals after all, but it really wouldn’t be the same without it would it?  Plus your fat a*s  uncle Larry or Carmine would have no excuse to get tired and passout before dessert, leaving you to the pumpkin pie. So, really we owe it to the turkeys for giving us a very lethargic holiday. I’m Going to give thanks to the turkeys this year by doing a very turkey themed shopping post.

Thanksgiving Payback / Large Glass Tile Necklace Pendant by crystalbouquet

This Pendent’s title speaks for itself.  It’s called Thanksgiving Payback by crystalbouquet and can be found on Etsy.com


Turkey Costume for Dogs

Apparently some dogs have always wanted to be turkeys–deep down that is. That’s just how cool turkeys are. You can buy this on Amazon.com

Turkey Crossing - 8x10 limited edition giclee photo print by Afton Dufoe

Photo by Afton Dufoe

Click on the Images to learn more about any of these items


One Response to Let’s Hear it For the Birds

  1. me says:

    makes me want to drink alchoholic beverages

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