Jane Eyre Trailer Tells a Different Story?

The trailer for the new Jane Eyre film was released a few days ago, but unfortunately my internet shuts off at random, plus it is currently impossible to get the video on youtube, so I must post the link to it  Here instead. Please click the link then continue reading.

Now If you’ve watched the trailer you’ve seen that it depicts the film as a ghost story or a horror. In some areas of the book  it is I suppose, especially when Jane is a child. Don’t get me wrong I’m liking the eeriness of this first trailer, it gives the film a Gothic feel that its predecessors were lacking.  What I’m worried about is the twist ending that I keep reading about on blogs. Has anyone heard of this? I love Jane Eyre. It is my favorite book, I’ve seen every film version, written papers on it, I had to do an analysis on the Jungian archetypes and blah blah blah..so, when I hear a rumor about a twist ending  being added to an 18th century classic that sh*t messes up my day.  That being said I would like to comment that Michael Fassbender (according to the trailer) appears to be a good Rochester, and Mia Wasikowska looks very Jane Eyre-y, but doesn’t get a chance to say much in the trailer; although, I do like what I’ve seen her in the past.


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