Hunk of the Week #26 Max Thieriot

This week’s pillar of hunky goodness is Max Thieriot.

This 22 year old hottie has quite the acting resume. You might recognize him as Gus in 2004’s Catch That Kid or Ned in 2007’s Nancy Drew or maybe Seth in 2005’s The Pacifier with The Rock.  Max has also had small parts in both The Astronaut Farmer and Jumper, where he played the younger version of Hayden Christensen‘s character,a possible future HOTW, who  he looks a lot like,  i’ll admit.

Recently, he starred in Wes Craven”s 2010 My Soul to Take where he gave a wonderful performance as a disturbed young man, Bug, who’s father was a killer with multiple souls, one of which is back to kill the seven children born on the day he died. You’ll like it, i did.

So there you have it…Hunk of the Week # 26

Maximillion Drake Thieriot

~Thomasa })i({


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