Are you anyone’s favorite person?

You may or may not have seen a short youtube video that asked this very question. I remember watching this video and i immediately thought that the question was an interesting one but i didn’t really think to much about it. I just came across a response video where the question was asked again and i couldn’t help but start to wonder more about it. The question isn’t what compelled me this time- it was the comments.

Not one person, in the several dozen comments i read, knew for sure without doubt that they were someone favorite person or even really well liked. I was sad but then i read this one:

I am 43, have been married once, have 3 children and I am pretty sure I am nobody’s favorite person.

I am kinda anti-social…and my Ex ruined my kids against me…

So let’s re-cap; I am 43…and the most important people in my life hate me….and I am not good at meeting people.

So….yeah, I am the poster-boy/man for dieing alone.

-Take care and better luck to those besides me.

Now i can’t shake this feeling that this question might just be the meaning of life and happiness. Maybe being not just special, not just liked, not just loved but being someone’s very favorite person in the world is what we’re supposed to be aiming for.  Could you imagine how privileged a feeling that would be.

I was thinking being someone’s favorite person is probably fleeting. As a parent your kids will only idealize you for so long. As a lover, some love and relationships (a lot of them) come to an end and one or both parties move on. Friends make new friends. Sometimes you might be completing with someone who no longer exists, a loved one that has passed away. Or you might just be competing with yourself- the person you were or the one they wish you were.

This is typically the kind of navel gazing post i would put up on my xanga site, the type of thing Natali would advise against but hell, he’s not my teacher anymore and i like navel gazing LOL

So, i’ll pose this question once again, whether you’ve heard it before or not. Are you anyone’s favorite person? Are you the favorite person of anyone? Who is your favorite person? Why? Once you know, you should tell them. Then they would know the answer to this question for sure.

~Thomasa })i({


2 Responses to Are you anyone’s favorite person?

  1. lollie says:

    i wanr someone to like me more than the other person what do i do

    • TheeWriter says:

      You can only be who you truly are and hope that is enough. If you pretend to be someone your not to win over someone’s affections you aren’t really getting them. In my experience when you treat people with kindness and respect, they appreciate you for that.

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