Hunk of The Week #21: Sam Trammell

Apologies for this being late, work is taking up much of my Blowhole time right now.

I had it(or so I thought) planned perfectly that Sam Trammel  being the final True Blood hunk of the week, would line up with the season finale. The season finale is next week it seems, and  Heather does the hotw, so today I bring you Sam!

Mr. Trammell, a native of Louisiana and former student of Brown (Sexy and Smart)  is a successful actor of both stage and screen.  He received a lot of positive attention for his stage performances, and was even nominated for a Tony Award in the Broadway Revival of “Ah The Wilderness! If you’re not a theatre goer, but you watched a lot of TV in 1996 then you may have seen him in his first ever televised appearance as Simon Troyer in Harvest of Fire. No? Well maybe you’ve heard of little shows like House, CSI:ny,  or Dexter where Sam had guest appearances.  In 2007 he played Tim in Aliens vs Predator Requiem and Jeff in What if God Were the Sun, but he didn’t become super popular until his current role as Sam Merlotte, on the HBO series True Blood.

Why He’s Worthy of  Blowhole Hunkery: Besides being talented and handsome, Sam Trammell has an awesome sense of humor! check it out…

Where you can see him next: As Chris in The Details(2010)

damn, it’s 4:30 am already..g-night b-holes 🙂


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