Brain Freeze…

…An enemy of many ice cream, slushy, and snow cone connoisseurs, it can turn a strawberries and cream frap from delicious to an F my life headache in under a minute, and worst of all you make a really stupid face when it hits you(see my doodle below for a realistic example).

After experiencing the lemon faced blunder the other day, I pondered to myself…WHAT KIND OF  F**KERY CAUSES SUCH A DISRUPTION IN MY ENJOYMENT OF THIS FROZEN CONFECTION!

So, I Googled it. Brain freeze is caused when the the cold food or beverage hits the roof of your mouth. Apparently there is a bundle of nerves in there, and when the cold hits them they send a warning signal to nerves that surround your brain causing those nerves to shrink. The actual pain is caused by warm blood trying to open the nerves up again after the bundle sends a signal that there is no danger after all. My source. The only way to prevent brain freeze is to not let any of whatever you’re eating touch the roof of your mouth, which I feel like Is a very difficult concept . hmmmmm thoughts?

If you are a doctor and know for a fact that this is Not the cause of brain freeze please comment.


3 Responses to Brain Freeze…

  1. trying to follow you on twitter but cant find your name

  2. Nicole says:

    the link on the check these out page isn’t working

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