Hunk of the Week #20 Joseph Gordon-Levitt

This week’s hunk is one of my all-time favorite girlhood into womenhood crushes. You may not have known his name but no girl wouldn’t recognize that adorable face.  You might have seen him with really long hair or no hair at all, a little stubble or clean shaven, punk rocker, preppy, dirty. clean cut, glasses or no glasses. Regardless of the look he’s rocking, he’s hot.

It’s Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Depending on how old you are you might know him as the little orphan who could see angels, Roger,  in 1994’s Angels in the Outfield. Fast forward as few years and there he is again as the goofy son, Tommy Solomon, in a family of aliens relocated to earth in the popular TV Sitcom 3rd Rock from the Sun.

During that time he also made a little, kinda small time, Taming of the Shrew inspired teen movie called 10 Things I Hate About You. Maybe you’ve heard of it or seen it. Of course you did. It was so wildly popular that they turned it into an ABC Family Sitcom.

I absolutely love this guy, he’s just the guy next door, cute, funny, maybe a bit nerdy but totally lovable guy that girls pray for. He already had me.I was already hooked but then he went and made the most brutally honest film about modern relationships i’ve even seen, (500) Days of Summer. If you haven’t seen it, see it.

His most recent blockbuster hit is this summer’s Inception, director’s Christopher Nolan’s latest creation. Joseph stars in this” love it or hate it” film with week 14 HOTW Leonardo DiCaprio. Joseph is quickly becoming the next big name Hollywood action/romantic leading man. It is rumored that Joseph will be working with Christopher Nolan again in Next Batman Movie as the Riddler. Definitely one to mark on your calendar.

~Thomasa })i({


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