The Blowhole Babe of the Week #45: Demi Lovato

Yet another addition to the Recently Legal Mickey Mouse Club. It’s a swank VIP lounge, I’m sure.

As I mentioned in last week’s Babe post, I spent last week in Disney World, so this a very fitting choice this week, as our Babe of the Week is one of the Disney Channel’s premiere stars. You can turn on that channel at any time and you’ll probably see Demi Lovato starring in her own show, in one of her three Disney Channel Original Movies, or belting a tune in one of her music videos. Or if nothing else, you’ll see her in a commercial for one of these things. Disney knows how to promote.

Speaking of promotion, I kid you not, every single bus we rode around the parks last week had a huge ass poster for Camp Rock 2 on it. I couldn’t get anywhere without Demi and the Jonas Brothers peering down at me.

Demi is a spokesperson for an anti-bullying campaign, stemming from her own history of being bullied in school. She also stands out amongst the squeaky clean image of her Disney peers. She’s a self proclaimed metalhead, and there have been rumors that she may have a history of cutting herself.

Demi Lovato: more hardcore than your average teen star.


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