Which Blowhole Am I?

Ready for the last rendition of Which Blowhole Am I? First I’ll give you the answer to the last post. If you guessed Thomasa, then you should be a part of the FBI cause that is correct. Now, this last one might/should be really easy for you four or five people who have guessed. But remember I have plenty of tricks up my sleeves so don’t assume that the right Blowhole is last one left.

Which Blowhole Am I?


I have a slight obsession with owls.

I admittedly make out with my cat, occasionally.

Stop-motion animation is my thing.

I have a dark side, a very dark side, almost evil.

One Response to Which Blowhole Am I?

  1. Nicole says:

    Why does everyone always think it’s me? we’ve been through this. come on people!

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