The Blowhole Babe of the Week #43: Odette Yustman

God, I love the movie Cloverfield. Don’t you? It’s just one of those movies I get in the mood to watch every few months or so. I just got a Blu Ray player, so now I feel I have an excuse to check it out once again, but this time on said Blu Ray edition.

So perhaps you recognize this week’s Babe from that very movie. Odette Yustman played Beth, the damsel in distress that was the whole reason Rob and the gang all ventured across the city in the first place. And I see why he did it; she’s frigging gorgeous. You can’t let a monster eat this girl up. This could very easily turn into a very long post about all the things I loved about Cloverfield (and how it always makes me want to keep a video camera on me at all times – just in case), but there are more pressing issues at hand here.

If you didn’t see Cloverfield, you may recognize Miss Yustman from her leading role in the film The Unborn, which is probably more known for having the greatest movie poster ever than it is anything else. The movie wasn’t great, but I still paid a whopping $4 for a previously viewed copy of the DVD at Blockbuster based solely on its leading lady.

She also had very brief spots (I don’t think you can even call these cameos; walk-on role is probably more like it) in Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story and the first Transformers. In the near future she can be seen in And Soon The Darkness, a movie I know nothing about, other than the fact that it features her and Amber Heard in bikinis. So, if nothing else, it’ll be worthy of another $4 on DVD. She’s also starring in the romantic comedy You Again alongside the adorable Kristen Bell, and is apparently in a movie called Group Sex. I’m sold.


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  1. greggrunberg: For my Peeps: Watch Me tell Josh Cooke how to win over sex-crazed Odette Yustman RT…

    We’ve linked to you at !…

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