Slam Dunk Da Funk

Do you want to get down? Do you want to get funky?

I was browsing the ol’ Youtube in the wee hours of this morning, as I tend to do on occasion. I don’t remember what I started out with, but as usual one search led to another and it was this crazy web of nostalgia. So at one point I’m looking at videos from Disney Channel Original Movies, and I come across a startling number of videos dedicated as a tribute from one quick scene in Smart House. Here’s the original clip:

Apparently that scene inspired this same thought in the heads of many a youngster: “Damn. That dance was so awesome, I should call my friends over, record us doing that very dance, and upload it to Youtube.” (Note: You could also replace “awesome” with “awesomely bad” in that last quote if you’re so inclined.) I got a little tired of watching the same thing over and over again, but in no time at all I had watched at least a half a dozen of these same basic videos. Here’s just one example:

I’m all for nostalgia, and I have no problem with anyone posting these things. In fact, they all amused me, so I suppose they’re a success. But clearly this idea’s been done before. So maybe it’s time for people to try something different. How about someone tries to recreate the dance from The Other Me (also a Disney Channel Movie):

The best part of that clip is BY FAR the gangsta kid for two reasons: 1.) His hair. I can proudly say I was never one of those kids that bleached their hair. 2.) He’s whips out the world’s largest boom box from out of nowhere and apparently he’s got an Nsync CD in there. Of all the music in the word, why would the gangsta listen to Nsync? And why does he have that boom box in the first place? Does he carry it around just in case? At what point did a faculty member see him lugging that thing down the hall and not think to confiscate that? It’s not like you could squeeze that thing into a locker, so he’s got to keep that on him from the time he gets on the bus in the morning until he gets home in the afternoon. Honestly, this movie should have had a spin-off solely focused on this gangsta kid.


One Response to Slam Dunk Da Funk

  1. Thomasa says:

    Thanks for the quick trip down memory lane- i really liked these movies as a kid.:)

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