Hunk of the Week #17 Jimmy Jean-Louis

There are few gals as lucky in this world as me right now. I get to post my idea of the hunkiest hunk on my birthday! That’s right! I know you’re jealous. I know. I’m sorry you can’t be me. Don’t hate.

So without further adieu this week’s hunk is Jimmy Jean- Louis. Just looking at this guy literally makes me weak in the knees. That intense thoughtful stare and that broad strong chest- yum.

Where you may have seen him:

He played Dr Tunde Jonathan in 2006’s Phat Girls with Monique. The handsome male lead.

He was in Monster-in-Law as Prince Amir.

Above all my favorite role and the role he’s probably most known for, he plays the Haitian on, one or my favorite shows, NBC’s Heroes. In the show he plays a man with the ability to erase people memories (i’d probably forget my name around him) and to suppress the abilities of others.

Where you can see him now:

In two movies that have come out this year, The Penthouse, and Coursier.

and Coming Soon: 513, Sinking Sands, and The Lion Inside.

Why he is worthy of being our HOTW:

Jimmy Jean-Louis is just that guy that seems so out your league you can’t help but fantasize about him. Originally from Haiti, he was recognized for his exceptional looks early on and had a successful modeling career in places like London, Paris, Milan, and New York. And the major thing that I find so sexy in any guy is his mind. Jimmy got his Business degree in Paris and he’s fluent in 5 languages! English, French, Spanish, Italian and Creole.  With that accent, when he talks I melt. He’s just a all around attractive person inside and definately out.

Aside from all of that I choose this hunk because we share a special bond.  His birthday is today too!

Happy Birthday Jimmy!

And happy birthday to me!

~Thomasa })i({


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