Which Blowhole Am I?

First, I like to apologize to my fellow blowholians if they are offended by anything here. (I really hope not, because its all in good fun.) Let’s see how well you think you know the Blowholes. This is the first of four version of a poll-type quiz I’ll be giving you. Its a very simple concept. I will give you clues, then you try and guess which blowhole fits the description.


I am the most quirky one.

I am all about animals and eco-friendly products.

I’m obsessed with my cat(s).

I wish someday to be a famous writer/actress.

Who am I? (Help me find out cause I just got amnesia and can’t remember!)

Good luck and have fun!!


3 Responses to Which Blowhole Am I?

  1. Thomasa says:

    Come on! you know we’re not easily offended- go for it:)

  2. Ashley says:

    This is Nicole without a doubt! 🙂

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