Blowhole Babe of The Week #35:Anna Paquin

Mike is on vacation so, I’ve been given the rare honor of handling the babe of the week. I know I’m not a guy and I may not have the best babe-o-meter, but I think I did a pretty good job picking the lovely and Talented Anna Paquin as our BOTW.

The first time I saw Anna Paquin I was in grade school and we had to watch Fly Away Home, which is now one of my favorite animal related flicks. I remember thinking she was the coolest kid ever because she got to be in a movie and play with birds all day. Now when I watch that film I think wow, she did a really great job in that role. But that’s really not that unusual because Anna does an awesome job in every role she plays thus winning her an Academy award when she was 11 for her role in the piano.

Since then she’s been in a variety of things, but what she’s most popular for is her work on projects of a more supernatural kind. The X-men films where she plays Rogue and the HBO series True Blood. I like True Blood, I watch it every week, and Anna Paquin is adorable as the southern waitress, Sookie Stackhouse.  Even Snoop Dogg Loves Sookie….


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