A New Monthly post to come…

So, most of you have to know by now that all four of the blowholians are Creative Writing Majors and two of the four already have their BA (may also stand for Bad Ass) in Creative Writing. Well, this summer I’ve been trying to focus more on my writing. One very intelligent woman once told me that the best way to study writing is to read and read lots of different things. My genre of choice has primarily been fantasy or supernatural. Occasionally I will read other sorts of things, but mostly not. I have no problem being sent away into a world that doesn’t exist by reality standards and believing the unbelievable. So, in honor of our hopes to all become noticeable authors and in order to keep up with my promise to read more, monthly I’m going to sing praises to an author whose caliber I hope to reach someday. These posts are going to take a little more time, which is why I sent this teaser to let you know what’s coming.


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