The Blowhole Babe of the Week #34: Rose Byrne

I think everyone has a short list of actors or actresses that they will go out of their way to check out projects they’ve done. Rose Byrne is one such actress for me. I probably first discovered her via the show Damages in which she holds her own against a hella impressive Glenn Close. (I still haven’t watched season three yet. Don’t spoil it for me!) From there I checked out some of her other films, including Danny Boyle’s Sunshine (boy, does that movie change genres in third act or what?), 28 Weeks Later, Knowing (boy, does that movie lose its initial focus in the third act or what?), as well as some lesser-known affairs like Adam and Just Buried (boy, does that movie throw in a half a dozen zany twists in the third act or what?). Did you know she was in Star Wars: Episode II as well? ‘Cause she was. Briefly. But right now you can go see her in Get Him to the Greek, a rare attempt at comedy for Miss Byrne.

And this is the point where Nicole can point at me at say, “Hah! I told you so,” because Miss Byrne is from Australia. However, since most roles call for her to be an American, she’s able whip up what I consider to be the most adorable fake American accent ever. It’s weird to say that a woman’s voice is a highlight for me (especially when I’m not referring to a singer), but it really is in this case. How ’bout that?

2 Responses to The Blowhole Babe of the Week #34: Rose Byrne

  1. chris says:

    Are you saying that Rose Byrne is using her own accent for GHTTG? She’s not. Jackie Q speaks with working-class East London accent – which Byrne completely nails. The woman is not only gorgeous and funny, but very talented.

    Check out her recent Jimmy Kimmel on Youtube to hear her own Aussie voice.

  2. Michael says:

    I wasn’t referring to her accent in GHTTG at all.

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