As you may know, all four of us B-holes have majored in creative writing. Primarily, my interest has always been in prose. However, I wanted to try something different this summer.

I used to draw all the time. At one point, it was my ambition to become an animator. That passed when I realized that A.) I didn’t want to do the type of CG stuff most movies consist of these days, and B.) When I also realized that by doing hand-drawn animation, that would mean I’d be drawing basically the same picture hundreds and hundreds of time for only mere seconds of a movie’s screen time. So since then, I’ve drawn less and less. At some point in the past couple of months, I started to miss this hobby. (I probably drew something and realized how much better I used to be.) Around that time is when I decided I wanted to attempt a new project this summer, one that somehow incorporates my writing with art. I’ve wanted to tinker with Wacom Tablets for a few years now, and found out that they really aren’t that expensive.

So I decided that I want to try my hand at webcomics. Truth be told, I was never all that into comics or graphic novels or anything. I didn’t even own one until I decided to check out Watchmen a couple months before that movie came out. (That is, unless we count the free anti-smoking Spiderman comic that was handed out during an assembly in 2nd grade.) I was never that interested in superhero stories, and I guess I always naively assumed that’s what all comics were about. That couldn’t be further from the case. Over the past month or so, I’ve been reading and buying up a bunch of different non-superhero stories. The best is by far the Scott Pilgrim series (thanks, Phil!) which I recommend to anyone, regardless of their opinions on comics. So here are my favorite webcomics, in no order:

Balls 2 That
Just a whole bunch of funny, brief, inappropriate scenes with a man, a woman, and a recurring blender.

Devil Bear
The less said about this one, the more you’ll enjoy it. However, I must say you have to check out the first “issue” (which is the first 26 pages provided on the site) which features a Winnie the Pooh parody called Winnie the Pimp, who gets sent to hell. Awesome.

No Time For Life
The first one I came across that I couldn’t pull myself away from. The scenes are brief, humorous, and all stand alone. And the artwork is so basic that it gives me hope.

On the Edge
It’s kind of the most twisted adaptation of Alice in Wonderland you’ll ever see, featuring Alice, who’s a cop and lives with a demon who is also a therapist.

Penny Arcade
I’m not a gamer. Other than Mario Kart, I haven’t really played any games since Grand Theft Auto III for the PS2. And all I did on that game was drive around and kill people. So truth be told, I can’t relate to at least 50% of the comics these guys produce. One thing I love about this site, though, is their documentary webseries that shows what life is like at the Penny Arcade offices. (Hint: It’s freakin’ awesome. This is the kind of laid-back, creative environment we all wish we could work in.) And at one point they mention “We aren’t comic book nerds. We’re game nerds.” I find that interesting and makes me feel less guilty about wanting to dabble in webcomics, even though I haven’t been a life long comic book fan.

See what I mean? Those all feature my type of crude humor. And that’s inspiring to me.ba


One Response to Webcomics

  1. Jake says:

    Thanks for the kind words! I’ve got you quoted up on my random quotes thing right under the title banner.

    I hope to keep you interested in the future.

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