Single Sentence Movie Reviews

Even though I work at Blockbuster, nowadays I probably watch less movies than you do. When school is in session, I just don’t have time to stay up to date on all the new releases. So when summer or Christmas break rolls around, I get the chance to do a good bit of catching up. Here’s some quick reviews for a few movies I watched over the past week.

Alice in Wonderland
Though I wasn’t crazy about the movie as a whole, I found this to be very watchable for a Tim Burton movie (which is actually very high praise from me) and would recommend that you check it out.

Couples Retreat
I found this to be entertaining in a way that makes it a decent way to kill two hours, but not in a way that made me laugh out loud more than once or twice.

Sunshine Cleaning
With two great leads (Emily Blunt rocks socks off) and a unique (although still a little familiar to your typical Hollywood film) story, this one was by far my favorite one of the bunch.

The Wolfman
As much as I wanted to like this, I was pretty sure going in that it wasn’t my type of movie and ultimately was bored and turned it off about 35 minutes into it.

The Day the Earth Stood Still
If you want to see a subpar, special effects laden, end of the world movie, I suggest you check out “Knowing” instead, despite the fact that it stars Nicholas Cage. (If this were “Two Sentence Movie Reviews” I would’ve also pointed out that Jaden Smith is one of the most annoying child actors I’ve ever seen, and a major reason why I disliked this movie.)


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