The Blowhole Babe of the Week #33: Naya Rivera

Ever seen Glee? You probable have. It’s kind of a big deal right now. It never seemed like the type of show I’d be into, but I checked it out when we got the DVDs in at work, and was pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed that first part of the season for the most part. But the rest of the episodes that followed their mid-season hiatus have been pretty hit or miss for me, with most leaning toward miss. I can’t even figure out what they were doing right the first time around that they aren’t getting right this time.

One thing they have done that I can approve of is the additional attention to a certain bitchy cheerleader, Santana, played by this week’s Babe, Naya Rivera. I can’t think of any instances during the first volume of the season when they gave Naya a chance to sing, but she’s has several opportunities lately. Although, we still haven’t seen her character develop much. But she’s definitely attractive, plus you add in the fact she can sing and that’s what makes her well deserving of this high honor.

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