Hunk of The Week #7 Jake Gyllenhaal

Where you’ve seen him: As Homer Hickam in October Sky, as the Donnie in  Donnie Darko, as Jack in Brokeback Mountain, and as Jimmy Livingston in Bubble boy.

Oh, and I don’t care what anyone else says I liked bubble boy.”Five hundred dolla!”

Where you can see him right now: As  Dastan in Prince of Persia Sands of Time.

Why he’s worthy of  being our HOTW(hunk of the week: There is a certain goofy quality about him that is very endearing, and goofiness is a big part of being a blowhole. I feel like Jake is the silly neighbor boy who grew up to be hot, yet still retained his personality. Now for the main reason I chose him for the Hunk of the week. The video below…

A Hedgehog doin karate!


3 Responses to Hunk of The Week #7 Jake Gyllenhaal

  1. Thomasa says:

    This is such a great HOTW choice! I love him and he is adorable but that video made me love him even more. How did i ever go through life not having seen a hedgehog doing karate? I would have loved to be that girl he was blowing on- or better yet the one who’s lap he was sitting in LOL Can’t wait to see Prince of Persia and Bubble Boy was awesome. Great post Nicole.

  2. nuli nurlita says:

    Jake,,,your not my type,,,but why I can’t lose shadow your face in my eyes

  3. […] and bases it in a very “Now” world- which i personally thought was the right way to go. Jake Gyllenhall was amazing and the acting was spot on all around. Plus the ending was fulfilling and perfect. I […]

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