Youtube Spotlight-WheezyWaiter

Hey guys! It’s that time again. Welcome to The Daily Blowhole’s Youtube Spotlight. This edition is all about the Youtuber WheezyWaiter.

At Youtube University WheezyWaiter is that guy that may be a little bit crazy, but everyone who’s anyone knows him and a mention from him can make you a somebody. Craig Benzine is the WheezyWaiter, so named because he was an actual waiter and he suffers from asthma- get it. Mr. Benzine  has been consistently uploading entertaining videos since June 2007. His upload count has just broken the 300 mark.  The daily vlogger  and member of a band called “The Driftless Pony Club” is 29 and lives in Chicago.

WheezyWaiter records and posts his daily vlog in the morning before work.  These videos are a combination of inside jokes for loyal viewers, mild violence, coffee love, and special effects. With an angelic singing carpet, a sky bank, and whale tank in the livingroom floor housing a whale, a stoned Michael Phelps, and a shining and muscular David  Hasselhoff, WheezyWaiter lives in a vivid and creative world of his own devising. A world that is easy to fall into and enjoy. WheezyWaiter’s musical side brings us great little song-vlogs that are puns on songs and breakfast foods like this one.

In these daily vlogs, WheezyWaiter plays many characters; one is Craig with a wig, a pessimistic and slightly more hairy version of himself, who seems to be confined to the kitchen table. Another is his mother, a cranky cussing alcoholic woman who stands gazing out of the window, drinking her coffee (or shots), and insulting him. WheezyWaiter has masterfully censored the cussing in his videos while marketing his line of Beard Shirts by bleeping out the word Sh!t with Shirt and displaying a picture of one of the shirts over his mouth. Then there are the clones.

In this crazy wonderful world WheezyWaiter has several powers and one is the ability to create clones of himself. He uses these clones to do his chores; he carries on conversations with them -often ending in fist fights, and then he kills them or has them kill themselves. Some clones have been shot, others are thrown in the alligator pit, and still others are blown up. Craig insists that killing his clones is NOT murder but you can decide.

He also claims that he himself is the original Craig and not a clone, but how would we ever know? Another power of WheezyWaiter’s is creating blackholes just by pounding his fists together, a very dangerous skill. He can teleport and also time travel, which comes in handy, and he possesses exploding pens straight James Bond Style. These pens certainly become useful on Explosion Wednesday, when Wheezy pulls out all the stops in the special effects department.

Aside from Explosion Wednesdays, Wheezy has a few other ongoing  jokes. One is Free Bagel Friday in which he teleports himself to work, steals a bagel from his boss, and then punches him in the face.

Like any great youtuber, Wheezy has his catch phrases.  In almost every video he says “I think the coffee’s done. I love it when the coffee is done!”.  If you are a youtube watcher than you have no doubt heard the extensive use of the word “doobly doo” to describe the description box now located under every video- WheezyWaiter coined that phrase.

Now, i’ve saved the most important WheezyWaiter fact for last—Do you want to know what it is? Can you handle the awesomeness of what i’m about to say? Are you sure? Ok! It’s—The Beard! WheezyWaiter’s number one claim to fame is his beard and his love of being bearded. He calls his viewers “Beardlovers” and on his intro there is a beard. His shirts are adorned with beards, he’s been in a beard growing contest, and he even led the “Truth or Fail- Beard Edition”. He has shocked his viewers by shaving off his beard a few times, but he always go back to the “manly hairy awesomeness” of having facial hair.

At the end of each of Wheezy’s videos he plays a short clip of one of his viewers giving a wink, and in Wheezy World winks “ding”. In true WheezyWaiter fashion i’ll end this post with a wink 😉 So now that you’ve just gotten your crash course in all things WheezyWaiter go watch, Like (Rate no longer exists 😦 bummer), comment, and subscribe.

Thomasa })i({  😉

PS- If you like this vlog and you start watching it keep an eye out for the yellow cup and waffles 🙂


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  1. Nicole says:

    haha That was good stuff

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