LOST Babes of the Day: Day 7

Gotta put this one up early today, as I’ll be sleeping in ’til a ridiculous time before going to work later.

Shannon (played by Maggie Grace) was the spoiled rich girl we first saw screaming on the beach at the start of the Pilot episode of Lost. With her was her half brother Boone who had come to Sydney to rescue her from an abusive relationship. They wound up hooking up and it was all kinds of awkward. Speaking of awkward, how about her death? Early in season two, at the point where “the tailies” were about to merge with the other survivors, a miscommunication in the jungle, due to those whacky mysterious whispers, caused Ana Lucia to mistakenly shoot Shannon. I don’t know about you, but when I go into someone’s home for the first time, I don’t shoot one of their family members. Also, before she died she also hooked up with Sayid. I’ve never been a huge fan of the way either Shannon or Boone’s storylines were treated as they both wound up reeking of what’s-the-point. But we’re not here to critique subplots. We’re counting down the best babes of Lost, and Shannon definitely deserves a spot in the top three.

Alex (played by Tania Raymonde) is the long lost daughter of the “french woman,” Danielle Rousseau, who we met early in season one. Alex made a couple brief appearances in season two and then saw her role expanded the following year when it was revealed that she had been raised by Benjamin Linus, the leader of “the others.” She made it about halfway through season four before getting killed off (as 97% of all cast members on this show experience) right before her father’s eyes. As far as my favorite Alex scene, this one definitely takes the cake. It was pretty unexpected and kicked a lot of ass. It seems even cooler now that we know just what was really up with John Locke that season. Although, this one would have definitely gotten the nod, had it actually appeared on the show. However, it wound up being nothing more than a deleted scene on DVD.

Check back tomorrow as I announce the Ultimate Lost Babe, aka next week’s Blowhole Babe of the Week. You’ve probably guessed who it is by now. My fellow B-holes don’t even watch the show and even they probably know who it is. See you tomorrow.


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