LOST Babes of the Day: Day 6

Getting down to the wire. Only one day left before we crown the ultimate Lost babe, who shall be deemed next week’s Babe of the Week. That is every woman’s dream, right?

Juliet (played by Elizabeth Mitchell) popped up, literally at the very start of season three as one of “the others” who wound up defecting over to the good side with all our favorite survivors of Oceanic 815. She was brought to the island to solve the fertility issue that all mothers seemed to have. She was told it was a limited engagement, but wound up never being allowed to leave. When the Oceanic Six left the island at the end of season four, Juliet and Sawyer became the leaders of the remaining survivors, and became a bonafide couple while living secret lives in the 1970’s as members of the Dharma Initiative. My only prediction for the upcoming finale this Sunday is that they’ll reveal that Juliet is the mother of Jack’s son in the alternate universe. I mean, really, everyone else has popped up in the alternate universe in some way. She’s pretty much the only one left.

Claire (played by Emilie de Ravin) has been with the series since the pilot episode, playing everyone’s favorite Australian single mother. She disappeared for season five and returned this year, revealing that she’d been living in the jungle alone for three years and was most definitely bat-shit-crazy and a stone cold killer. It was revealed at some point in the middle of the series’ run that Claire is actually the sister of everyone’s favorite spinal surgeon, Jack Shephard, though neither of them knew about it until season four-or-so. Of all the Claire drama we’ve seen over the years, you know what my biggest complaint is? We only got one episode of “goth Claire” flashbacks. That look was hot. Hell, maybe I should have deemed “goth Claire” next week’s Babe of the Week. But alas…

Check back tomorrow as we recognize two more lovely ladies from that mysterious island, and again on Sunday when we crown the ultimate Lost babe and prepare ourselves for what should be a terrific finale.

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