LOST Babes of the Day: Day 5

First up today, we have Sun Kwon (played by Yunjin Kim), by far one of the most sympathetic characters in the whole series. We’ve seen her relationship with her husband, Jin, go from one extreme to the other. Back when the show premiered, the two seemed to be in your typical doomed marriage. But over the years we’ve seen the two bond in ways no other couple on the show have, giving them the strongest relationship of all. My only complaint is that they didn’t seem to know what to do with Sun in season 5. She didn’t go back in time to the ’70s with the “A team” of characters, so she was left to wander around aimlessly on the island with Lapidus. They seemed to tease the idea at the end of season 4 that when Sun got off the island she became a more vindictive, cold hearted person, due to the fact that she thought she had watched her husband die before her eyes. I would’ve like to see a little more from “villain Sun,” but that notion was dropped fairly quickly, If I recall, and as I said, she wandered the island instead. Hats off to Yunjin’s performance as Sun. After all these years, some of the most heart-wrenching scenes were pulled off because of her ability to blow our minds.

Then we have Nadia (played by Andrea Gabriel), the long lost love of everyone’s favorite Iraqi torturer, Sayid. Like Desmond, Sayid’s goal was always to find the woman he loved. He succeeded after leaving in the island in season 4, and wound up marrying his childhood sweetheart. Unfortunately, the marriage was short lived as Nadia was killed in a hit-and-run attack that led Sayid to become one badass assassin working for Benjamin Linus. In the alternate universe, Nadia was alive and well, although she was married to Sayid’s brother instead. But it was still clear that despite these circumstances, Sayid and Nadia still cared a great deal for one another, as Sayid put his ass on the line to save her husband and kids.

Check back tomorrow as we recognize two more lovely ladies from that mysterious island.


One Response to LOST Babes of the Day: Day 5

  1. Thomasa says:

    This is sounding more and more like a soap opera- i wish i would have watched it when it started.

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