LOST Babes of the Day: Day 4

So how ’bout last night’s Lost, eh? I won’t spoil it for anyone, but it certainly set itself up for one hell of a finale this Sunday. Onto today’s babes!

Ana Lucia (top, played by Michelle Rodriguez) came onto the seen in Season 2, as the leader of the Tailies. She was killed seconds before one of yesterday’s babes, Libby, but we don’t feel we hardly knew Ana Lucia. If memory serves, she had two episodes devoted to her backstory throughout the season, as well as a ton of face time while she was on the island itself. What was most interesting about this double homicide was that both Watros and Rodriguez had just been arrested for DUI while working on Lost shortly before the episode was filmed. Many fans wondered if their characters’ axings were the producers’ way of punishing them for their irresponsible behavior. The producers denied it, saying that the characters were always intended to be killed off before the season was over. At the time, many were still skeptical, but over the years, offing characters left and right has become a yearly thing for Lost. Chances are, if you’re brought in as a new character, you’re probably not going to live more than one season.

And then we have Charlotte (played by Rebecca Mader), who was introduced at the beginning of season 4 as one of the “freighter folks,” which like every other group introduced on the show, had an air of mystery over whether they were good or bad. Unfortunately, Charlotte seems to be the biggest casualty of the writer’s strike from a few year’s back. There was a team of three freighter people we were supposed to get to know: Faraday, Miles, and Charlotte. We got a lot of background info on Farady before his demise in season five, Miles is surprisingly still alive and kickin’ so we’ve gotten to know him as a character, but Charlotte wasn’t as lucky. On the season four DVD, Damon Lindelof (one of the show’s head honchos) discussed how the writer’s strike forced them to reduce the number of episodes they could produce for that season. Because of that, Charlotte’s story was planned to be pushed back to season five, and only a mere tease of it was stated in the season four finale. Thing is, come season five, they didn’t end up delving too deeply into Charlotte’s history with the island (turns out, she was born there and she had been on a lifelong journey to return to her “home”) before offing her in one of the earlier episodes. The subplot did get a nice little scene, though, when Faraday (who was in love with Charlotte) approached a young Charlotte on the island (he’d been time traveling – again, not enough time or space in one blog to explain. You should have been watching all along.) and told her that she needed to get on the submarine with her mother and leave because terrible things were going to happen. So while her subplot was severely condensed and only touched upon a couple times, we can imagine they had a much bigger and interesting plan for Charlotte.

Check back tomorrow as we recognize two more lovely ladies from that mysterious island.


One Response to LOST Babes of the Day: Day 4

  1. Thomasa says:

    Just from reading your sum up of the characters i can see how complex this story/show really is…Jesus.

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