Is Megan Fox Invited to the Party or Not?

Surprise, surprise! Someone wasn’t asked to return to the franchise that made her a star. After making some ridiculous remarks about director Michael Bay many months back, claiming he wanted to be Hitler on his movie sets, Paramount and/or Bay have decided that Megan Fox needs Transformers 3 more than Transformers 3 needs Megan Fox. While browsing IMDB, I came across this article that “confirms” that Megan will definitely be written out.

HOWEVER, in the short span of time it’s taken me to post today’s two babes and this here blog post, has already updated their announcement, claiming that the whole story could be BS and that Megan Fox will be a part of Trasnformers 3 just as everyone in the world expected her to.

So what do you think? Do you want to see Megan Fox in Transformers 3? Or should she be punished for biting the hand that has fed her for the past few years? Discuss!


One Response to Is Megan Fox Invited to the Party or Not?

  1. The latest I heard was that she will not be in the movie, but not because she wasn’t asked back. She decided not to be part of it. That’s what I’ve heard.

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