Charlie the Unicorn

Whilst I was roaming the internet, looking for something to do or watch, I stumbled upon a video series of comedic gold. To tell you the truth about how I found these videos, sometimes I like to just type in a few letters in the search box thingy and see what suggestions it gives me. I totally recommend doing this at least once in your life, you be surprised at what you might find. (But don’t do it if you search for porn a lot, cause it will only bring up raunchiness)This time I was typing in CH and Charlie the Unicorn popped up. I decided to give Charlie a try and I’m glad I did! It has that old 80s video game kind of feel and the idiotic antics of the pink and blue unicorns play well off of Charlie’s cynicism. Well, without any more delay here is one of the videos I found. You can check out the rest for yourself on youtube.


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