LOST Babes of the Day: Day 3

Oh, Libby and Ilana. We hardly knew either of ye.

Libby (played by Cynthia Watros) appeared in season two as one of the tailies who had survived the crash of Oceanic flight 815 and had been living in a different spot of the island. We’ve seen her pop up in other people’s backstories which revealed that she once spent some time in a mental institution. Why? We never found out. She was killed off at the end of the season, bringing an abrupt end to the romantic subplot with Hurley (who also had spent overlapping time at that same institution) that many fans had grown quite fond of. But ladies, if you want to get a guy’s attention, take a page from Libby’s play book. This season, in the alternate universe (because I still refuse to call them flash-sideways) crazy Libby approached lucky Hurley and basically told him point blank that they had been in love in an alternate universe. If a girl said that to me, I’d have no choice but to give her the maddest of mad props.

Ilana (played by Zuleikha Robinson) appeared early in season five. We don’t know too much about her. It was her duty to protect the remaining “candidates” (not even going into detail about what that means – not enough time or space to do so in one blog) but she, too, was offed before we got a chance to get to know her. If memory serves, we only saw one brief flashback scene for Ilana where she was visited by Jacob while she was all messed up in the hospital. And that was the start of her last (or maybe second-to-last) episode. But she certainly went out with a bang didn’t she? Gotta be careful when handling a backpack full of dynamite.

Check back tomorrow as we recognize two more lovely ladies from that mysterious island.

2 Responses to LOST Babes of the Day: Day 3

  1. Jonathan says:

    I may have to try that “we were madly in love in another universe” pick-up line. If I do, I’ll let you know how it goes…

  2. Thomasa says:

    Mike- We were…naw can’t do it LOL no props for me.

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