Blowhole Hunk of the Week #5

Sorry it’s a little late, but here he is with all his English boy charms, Ben Barnes!

You might know him by his work as Prince Caspian in the Chronicles of Narnia sequel, but that’s not all he’s done. He has been in countless stage productions, was in a British boy band called Hyrise, and was recently the lead in the newest rendition of Dorian Gray. Let me just say he was more than excellent in that movie.

He got his big break in the movie Stardust, where he played Young Dunstan. After that part he went on the British stage till he was called, some say by Aslan himself, to audition for the role that would launch his career into the “big time.” He says that he based the accent for Prince Caspian after Inigo Montoya from The Princess Bride. Ever since then, we’ve all been falling in love, true love with him.

After the success of the Narnia movie, the parts came slowly pouring in. In his movie with American actress, Jessica Biel, called Easy Virtue (the first movie he did with Colin Firth), he proved that he had the chops to not only act, but sing and brood as well. He has worked a lot with the now-older British heart-throb, Colin Firth, and from the looks of things Colin must have given him a few pointers on how to woo women on and off the screen. He definately won my heart over.

Lately he has been busy reprising his role as the Narnian hero Prince Caspain in Voyage of the Dawn Treader, which is in post production right now. I think he has a lot in his future, hopefully me, and I think he could be the next Colin Firth if he plays his cards right. He always jokes that he doesn’t choose a role unless its the same name as in the title. Well, he must be doing something right. His mixture of boyish looks and English charms have done well for him.


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