Hunk of The Week#4:Robert Downey Jr.(An Old Dog New Tricks Hunk)

Some may find this choice of hunk surprising because he is significantly older than our past hunks and babes, but do not let age distract you my friends, this man is just as hunky as all the rest..

Where you’ve seen him: He has been acting since he was a boy but you have probably seen him in films such as Weird Science, as Charlie Chaplin in Chaplin, as Harry Lockhart in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, as kirk Lazarus in Tropic Thunder, as Sherlock Holmes in Sherlock Holmes, and as Tony Stark in Iron Man, which if you haven’t seen it you should just go shoot yourself in the foot…better yet give us your address and a Blowhole will come shoot you in the foot. Lets not make a day of it.

Where you can see him right now: In Iron Man 2 which just came out this weekend.

Why he’s worthy of  being our HOTW(hunk of the week:

Besides the physical stuff such as being 45 and attractive, Robert Downey Jr. has had a long impressive career despite the ups and downs. He has stamina. He bounces back and stays looking cool in the process.

There is no denying his talent as well; in the past he has been nominated for 2 Oscars and won 18 other awards including a BAFTA for best actor.

My overall favorite thing about this weeks hunk is his sense of humor and ability to  laugh at himself(if you watched the 2008 mtv movie awards you would know what I mean).

His Future Projects include Due Date and the Sherlock Holmes Sequel.


3 Responses to Hunk of The Week#4:Robert Downey Jr.(An Old Dog New Tricks Hunk)

  1. Thomasa says:

    AWESOME choice!!! I love him.

  2. Nicole says:

    I saw iron man 2 the other day and I cant imagine anyone else playing that part.

  3. […] book movies and putting them all together. The budget must have been ridiculous! I have a feeling Old Dog with New Tricks Hunk of the week 4 Robert Downey Jr. is going to steal the show as the wiseass Iron […]

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