Hunk of the Week #3 Kyle Gallner

So let’s continue objectifying people based on their looks  shall we LOL  This weeks hunk is Kyle Gallner. Kyle is a 23 year old actor born in West Chester Pennsylvania and currently living in Philadelphia. He’s got the baby face, boy next door, clean cut, your  momma would love him, look and though he might not be a big name yet, he’s headed in the right direction.

Kyle’s been on Veronica Mars, Smallville, CSI NY, and many other TV shows but you may have seen him on the big screen in The Haunting in Connecticut or Jennifer’s Body.

If you want to see some of his recent work head to the your local movie theater because he’s playing Quentin O’Grady in the remake of  A Nightmare on Elm Street open in theaters this week. I have high hopes for this movie but a remake is a remake and  if it sucks at least this hunk will be there to take my mind off of the horror on the screen.

~Thomasa })i({

3 Responses to Hunk of the Week #3 Kyle Gallner

  1. Nicole says:

    i saw nightmare on elm st, it was pretty good.

    • Thomasa says:

      My little brother wants to see it so bad. When i get home i’m going to take him 🙂

      • Nicole says:

        I never watched all of the original because it scared me when i was little, but I saw some of it. They kept some parts the same and made some changes. I liked the changes.

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