Batman 3 in 2012

It’s a movie-news kinda day here, isn’t it? This is the last one I’ve got for now, and truthfully there isn’t too much news to share.

But it doesn’t matter. The next Batman movie has been announced to premiere on July 20, 2012. That’s all they’ve announced about it, but click here to read some of Christopher Nolan’s thoughts on his film.

On one hand, this is great news for me, as I loved The Dark Knight (I was so-so on Batman Begins. Sorry fanboys, but the first hour bored me.) However, it’s because of my love for The Dark Knight that I don’t know if they can possibly top that film. But there’s no question that I’ll see this baby when it comes out.

Speaking of Christopher Nolan films, how insane does Inception look? I know I have to see it and I couldn’t describe the trailer if you put a gun to my head. But I’m a big fan of The Prestige and the aforementioned Dark Knight, so I’ll definitely see this one at some point. I’ll probably wait for DVD though. Seems like one you’ll need to watch more than once.

Oh, and don’t listen to Heather or Thomasa if they ever try to tell you the original four Batman movies are better than The Dark Knight. Just nod and smile…

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