If You Like Jiu-Jitsu and Reading Books

I admit that I haven’t been feeling very optimistic lately, but when I find out that someone has done well in something that they dreamed of doing(and went to school for) well, I can’t help thinking that there might be hope for the rest of us weirdos.

A graduate from the same school as us  Blowhole’s has written a Book!

Here is the Synopsis from Amazon’s website:

“When Marshal D. Carper broke up with his girlfriend, his true love pulled him through: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He packed his white belt and moved from rural Pennsylvania to Hilo, Hawaii to train at the BJ Penn MMA Academy, home of former UFC welterweight champion and current lightweight champion BJ Penn.

The Cauliflower Chronicles follow CarperÆs adventures and misadventures, both on the mat and around the island. He quickly learns that Hawaii is not the carefree paradise advertised in brochures and finds himself feeling like a foreigner in his own country. On the mat, he experiences Hawaiian fight culture from the inside, goes head to head with BJ Penn, and struggles to overcome injuries. Off the mat, he explores the Hawaiian Independence movement and the effects of colonization, battles with giant cockroaches and centipedes, meets a myriad of colorful locals, and travels the island in the bed of the Red Baronùa rusted 1986 Mazda pick-up truck.

At times sad, shocking, and laugh out-loud funny, The Cauliflower Chronicles is a must-read for both sports fans and travel buffs, showing a side of mixed martial arts and Hawaii not available anywhere else.”

The book has not been released yet but you can pre-order it here
so go order it!

Now off with you all and get your creative juices flowin! go build a house out of Popsicle sticks…that’s creative…isn’t it?


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