WTF: Work Hijinx

I work at Blockbuster and we’re currently taking pre-orders for the new Alice in Wonderland DVD/Blu-Ray release. We were joking around about different creative ways to promote it so we put up a Johnny Depp life-sized stand-up, informing customers of the pre-sale.

As you can see here, my co-worker came up with the corny ass “MAD as a HATTER” line. I wanted it to insist that customers pre-order the movie or “off with their heads,” but we found another use for that one, which you can see below.

We added a couple personal messages for our new store manager to find when he walked in this morning. The speech balloon on Johnny Depp he should see when he first walks in, but the note on the monitor won’t come up until he starts ringing up his first customer of the day.

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that amuse us the most and, most of all, help us get through an otherwise boring shift.

One Response to WTF: Work Hijinx

  1. Nicole says:

    you need to add a bubble that says suck it trabeck

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