The Blowhole Babe of the Week #28: Parvati Shallow

This week’s Babe of the Week is our first bonafide reality babe. (Liz Lee is still up for debate.) This week we have Parvati Shallow from Survivor. I’m not a reality show person but I’ve seen all but the very first season of Survivor. And as sad as it may sound, watching the show is just about the only thing my mom, my brother, and I do together. So even though there’s been a couple of bad seasons, I still stick with it every year simply for that reason.

This season has been a good one so far, and this past week was one of the more notable episodes I’ve seen. That’s where Miss Shallow comes in. First, some background info. This is Parvati’s third time at bat. She made it pretty far in her first season (Cook Islands) and actually won her second (Fans vs. Favorites). The self professed Queen of Survivor has become arguably the greatest “bad girl” the game has ever seen. So, naturally, she was selected to be on the Villains tribe for this season’s Heroes vs. Villains theme. She’s been one of the main targets for the Heroes tribe all along and this week we saw the tribes finally come together for the annual merge. When the time for Tribal Council came, Parvati made one of the craziest moves in the history of the game: she gave away two hidden immunity idols to people in her alliance so that they could keep the numbers against the remaining Heroes. And it paid off! A Hero was sent home and it looks like Parvati may be in control of the game. Although, seasoned viewers know that no one should ever feel too comfortable on this show.

So kudos to Parvati for pulling out all the stops to make one of the ballsiest moves in the history of Survivor. And for that, she has the distinct honor of being this week’s Babe of the Week.


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