“Movie Posters Re-Imagined with Stars Originally Cast” < Not My Title

Check out this article: Movie Posters Re-Imagined with Stars Originally Cast. That sure is a mouth full, but hey, that’s what the folks at TheWrap called it. Who am I to criticize? And the content of the article is pretty self-explanatory.

Personally, I can’t imagine Benjamin Button being nearly as good with John Travolta in the title roll. The idea of Johnny Depp as Ferris Bueller is probably enough to make my female counterparts here at he ‘Hole start drooling and daydreaming. And though I’ve never seen Pretty Woman, I can’t imagine there being much of an audience for a romantic comedy starring Al Pacino and Meg Ryan.

Here’s an anecdote for you: I actually bought Pretty Woman for my mom for mother’s day like seven or eight years ago, along with Officer and A Gentleman because she always says those are her two favorite movies. All this time has passed and she still hasn’t opened the damn things. They’re still sitting inside a little cabinet under our TV. If only they were sitting out in the open somewhere, they’d be covered under inches of dust. But I digress….


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