Did You Know This?


Here’s a random history question: When did women start to shave their legs? As I was shaving this morning I thought about this and decided to go to Google for the answer. I found it and long article someone posted about it. Apparently, women started to shave their armpits before their legs. In 1915, when the dresses started to have shorter sleeves, a small and simple ad was put into the Harper’s Bazaar. It featured a waist-up photograph of a young woman who appeared to be dressed in a slip with a toga-like outfit covering one shoulder. Her arms are arched over her head revealing perfectly clear armpits. This started what they called the Underarm Campaign. Shaving of the legs didn’t come till the 1940s, during WWII. This is when the pin-ups started displaying their awesome gams! Showing off one’s legs became a patriotic act. That plus shorter skirts and sheer stockings, which looked dorky with leg hair beneath, made the no-hair revolution boil over. Smooth, hairless skin wasn’t just a modern ideal. that Greek statues of women in antiquity had no pubic hair, suggesting that hairlessness was some sort of ideal of feminine beauty embedded in Western culture. If so, a lot of Western culture never got the message. Greek women today don’t shave their hair. The practice has been confined largely to English-speaking women of North America and Great Britain, although one hears it’s slowly spreading elsewhere.

So ladies, you have those wonderful pin-ups to thank for your smooth legs!!

Hope you learned something today!!


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