Hollywood Knows What We Want: Men In Black 3D Announced

If I recall correctly, we B-holes were just discussing the Men in Black films the other day. As so often happens with us, Hollywood execs were listening in our conversation and misconstrued are opinions. Thus, it has been announced that Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones will be returning for MIB 3D. If it’s anything like MIB II, I’ll pass.

Did anyone else ever notice that the two films had the same basic plot but with Jay/Kay’s roles switched? Because I noticed that like halfway through seeing the second one in theaters. Can’t say I’ve watched it since, although I think someone bought it for me for Christmas that year. Yay? I got a kick out of the first one as a kid, though, so that VHS tape was probably worn out by the time the sequel came out. Ugh. Now I feel the urge to watch that one again. Will I get curious (read: brave) and watch the sequel as well? We’ll find out.

If this next one doesn’t come with a fly new Will Smith single, I riot.

And though these next two weren’t tied into any movie releases, seems like no better time to post Will Smith music videos. I’m sorry, but every Will Smith song makes me laugh. They all seem like a joke.

Seven Pounds needed a Will Smith single.


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