Fun Finds

On occasion I like to do a shopping post, and since I know Mike(Michael) is not a fan of long posts about girlie clothes, I thought I would do one on some unique items.

Cake Winner Bake Pan

What appears to be a giant pb&j sandwich is actually a sandwich shaped cake! You can make one of your very own with this sandwich shaped cake pan from!

Uni-Corn Holder Set

As if there was any other way to eat corn.  You can purchase these divine equine corn holders from Urban Outfitters.

Toy Rubber Band Shooter

Not only is this an awesome rubber band(gum-band if you’re from western PA) but it’s also a key-chain and a pen! go figure. You can purchase this at

Beluga Butter Dish

I think this speaks for its self, and since this is the Daily Blowhole I believe this is a justified addition to this post. You can find this butter dish on


2 Responses to Fun Finds

  1. Michael says:

    You misspelled Michael, you fool!

  2. Nicole says:

    That’s because you suck. There, it’s fixed. Happy McFloogin?

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