WTF Moment

These are twin WTF moments that the other blowholians and I found at our Joe Baggins table.

Look who came to visit, Mom!!

It’s Ye Olde George Bush in a sandwich. What are the chances? I wonder what he’s saying?

I definately did not have sexual relations with this man! Ew!

 Bill Clinton is fresh and “Fresh is Best” according to the sign. If you look real closely you can see he’s taking a picture of us too! Cheese!


2 Responses to WTF Moment

  1. Jonathan says:

    I actually have one as well, though I do not currently have a picture. In Waynesburg, I saw an “Alan Keyes for President – 1992” bumper sticker on a guard rail. I will have to get a picture…

  2. Nicole says:

    That would be sweet if you could send it to us and then we would put your name at the bottom.

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