Visually Captivating Safety Commercial

This Sussex Safer Roads seat belt commercial has become increasingly popular due to its touching, and creative way of conveying a safety message.  The commercial plays like a feature film. It has a rising action, a climax, a falling action,  and manages to build a connection between the audience and characters within its short length of 1 minute 29 seconds.

Many still debate over the pros and cons of seat belt use, such as in this article from Time titled The Hidden Danger of Seat Belts, which makes the argument that seabelts make drivers feel safer and that makes them more likely to drive recklessly. I’m not sure if I agree with this, since I know plenty of people who do not wear seat belts and continue to abuse the speed limit.

I am no expert when it comes to seat belt safety, but it seems like statistics are in favor of them. I will say that I do know of at least one instance in my hometown, where a boy almost died because his seat belt cut into his organs when he was in a car accident.  The girl in the opposite car however, almost died because she was not wearing hers. So, overall I’d say it’s a coin toss, as is everything else in life I suppose.

If there was an award for most gripping  commercial without words, I think this commercial should win it. what do you think?


2 Responses to Visually Captivating Safety Commercial

  1. Michael says:

    Holy damn! That was impressive.

  2. Thomasa says:

    I will never get into a car without wearing my seat belt again- dramatic pretend with that music is very convincing. Honestly, I almost always wear my seat belt and this was a really creative way to show why.

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