My Grammatical Imperfectionzzzzz…

If you’ve read any of my posts, you may have noticed how awful my grammar can be . I blame, what was not only my misfortune but my entire graduating class’s, unlucky junior high teachers.  Many folks tell me that they learned most of their grammar in middle school, and that might have been the case for me as well, if it weren’t for the bad crap that happened to every single one of my junior high English teachers.

6th:Wonderful teacher, but was diagnosed with cancer, and had to leave midway through the school year. Her replacement was a sub who gave us each a plant and said “if it’s still alive by the end of the year you pass”.

7th:Nice man, young, and attractive, which in this case was a burden for him since every 20 or so minutes a gaggle of high school girls would come to the room to say hello and interrupt class. After a while he gave up, and class consisted of games (and watching Duel).

8th: Every 13yr old from a juvenile detention center within a 5 mile radius seemed to transfer to our school that year. My Teacher, bless him, rationed his time by giving spelling tests, trying to get students back in the class room, appeasing them by letting us read the Outsiders, and trying to get students back in the class room. Ironically they all transferred out when we got to high school.

For the record I did take a grammar class when I got to college, but was only able to get the class my last semester(apparently it’s very popular).

what is the point of this post you wonder? Well, basically it’s 4:13am and I was thinking to myself, “I wonder if anyone else who is or is interested in being a writer, ever had such a sh**y time with grammar?”. Well, have you?

Also, if anyone would like to correct any errors I may have made in this post; you can email me here




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