Blowhole Story Time: 1st Edition

You know what? We B-Holes are all creative writing majors, yet to my knowledge none of us have ever shared any of our work. I think it makes sense to change that, so here’s a lil’ test run.

In my previous post, I mentioned a short screenplay I wrote this week for my Adaptations class. Typically, the professor has us post our work on a class discussion boards to (hopefully) get some responses. She failed to do that this time, and I was actually a little bummed about that. Though I’m usually not too crazy about anything I write for a class (I tend to feel that I’m not writing it to amuse myself, so I don’t feel the same connection to assignments as I stories I come up with and write all for my own purposes) I was actually pretty proud of this one. It’s not perfect by any means, but given that from inspiration to completion this thing was accomplished in about 3-4 hours, I think it turned out pretty decent. So I figured why not share it here on the Blowhole? I’m also including three other works I wrote for the same class:

Colors of Freedom: A very short piece that was written during the first night of class, based on Edward Munch’s iconic painting, “The Scream.” The assignment was simply to write something based on that painting.
Barry the Stormtrooper: A short story about that poor Stormtrooper whose suit was stolen by Han Solo in Episode IV: A New Hope. I think the assignment was pretty open to whatever for this one.
Whatcha Gonna Buy, Brother?: This is a short story about a man who reflects on his childhood after seeing his former idol, Hulk Hogan, working as a Wal-Mart greeter. The assignment was to take a character out of context.
Here Lies Agrabah: This is the aforementioned short screenplay. It’s an adaptation of Aladdin, in the style of a Cloverfield-esque documentary, that deals with Al and Jasmine unleashing an evil spirit upon the town of Agrabah. The assignment was to either change the intended audience for a piece or modernize it. I managed to do both.

You can download all four stories by clicking right here!

Let me know what you think, so we B-Holes will know whether or not we should post our work here in the future. If this goes over well, I may post some of my away-from-school work and maybe the others will share their work as well.



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